Why We Chose The Algorand Platform

Algorand solves the trilemma that for years undermined mainstream blockchain adoption: decentralization, scale, and security. Algorand’s consensus mechanism is permissionless and PURE PROOF OF STAKE. It ensures full participation, protection, and speed within a truly decentralized network. With blocks finalized in seconds, Algorand’s transaction throughput is on par with large payment and financial networks. And Algorand is the first blockchain to provide immediate transaction finality. No forking. No uncertainty.

Algo is the native digital currency of the Algorand blockchain.


The Borderless VC Fund

The Borderless VC Fund is our flagship venture capital fund that invests in category-leading businesses leveraging Algorand technology or creating economic value in the borderless economy. The Borderless VC Fund approach eliminates the speculation of blockchain investment, targeting category-leading projects with proven business models, steady revenue, and a strong network effect. The Borderless VC Fund also invests in projects leveraging all the new features of Algorand 2.0, including Algorand Standard Assets (ASA) issued on Algorand Layer 1 protocol and infrastructure projects supporting Algorand.

A Virtuous Cycle

The Borderless VC fund is based on an investment thesis of creating and capturing value across all levels of the Algorand tech stack: the blockchain protocol, the infrastructure, and the applications built on Algorand. As businesses build applications on Algorand’s blockchain, bringing in millions of users, the need for infrastructure development will prompt more infrastructure-based startups to join the ecosystem. Building more infrastructure and protocol enhancements will drive more applications to be built on the network, creating a virtuous cycle that will drive a network effect, accelerate adoption, and bring value to the overall Algorand ecosystem.


We do not stop with just investment. We also provide guidance and mentorship to grow our portfolio companies into successful businesses. As a thought leader in blockchain with deep expertise in the Algorand ecosystem, we advise our portfolio companies on go-to-market strategies to effectively build the network effect. In short, we leverage the synergy of our portfolio, partner network, and domain expertise to create value for everyone.

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Algorand Accelerator

Borderless Algorand Accelerator is a global program executed jointly between Borderless Capital, Algorand Foundation, and regional accelerator partners to enable developers and entrepreneurs to build promising blockchain applications and products on the Algorand platform. Through this accelerator program, we provide 360-degree support from providing capital to technical expertise, go to market execution, a global mentor / corporate network, and demo days across the globe.


(Launched in Q1 2020)


(Launched in Q3 2020)

As part of our global accelerator program, we will be launching other regional accelerators in the future.

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Managing Partner
Veteran blockchain investor

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Managing Partner
Entrepreneur turned VC